Performances that convince – for years

For decades the DHI GmbH cooperates in the area of the Facility management with industry, trade, however, also administration associations More than 20 Mil. square meters of surface, especially in the B2B area, are managed here per year reliably and are maintained. This is a tale that spreads around . Our customers decide deliberately on the services of the DHI which are executed professionally by trained staff, with our own vehicle park. Gladly we submit an offer to you about our services.

Winter service

Winter time – cold weather with temperatures under zero degree can lead to slippery roads and snowfall can bock parking lots. Let the winter be our concern. We will take care of it.

  • Freeing large areas, acces roads and main roads of snow with our own vehicle park and staff
  • Salting of endangered traffic surfaces and accesses
  • All round packages for 24/7 service

Green area care

The care of the outside arrangements belongs to the important component of the facility management for industry, trade and commune.
This is our job. With own device service and executed from trained staff.

  • Lawn cutting and trim work
  • Care of borders and gardens in the area of the real-estate business care

Green cut

Tree shrub and bushes need regular care by trained hands. Our service does this for you – just in time – and professionally.

  • Regular tree cutting
  • Examining and maintaining plants
  • Evacuation of cut and foliage

Open space care

All year round open spaces, like car parks or other utility, must be usable. We take care of it.

  • Purge and maintenance of open spaces
  • Care of the border plantation
  • Evacuation of cut and foliage