Our Testimonial : More than 20 mio m2 managed area
per year for commerce and industry

Winter services

The freeing of open spaces from snow pave the way for a smooth manufacturing process of the core business of our clients.

Green area upkeep

Periodic maintenance like lawn mowing, green waste or the collection and disposal of clippings are all part of our services.

Managing of open spaces

Parking lots or meneuver spaces are very work intensive spots that need the maintenance we provide for our costumers. Professional and clean.

We are on site

Thanks to our densely spread locations we are always near to our costumers and therefore immeditately on site.

Vehicle fleet

Our own vehicle fleet allows a flexible destribution of the individually needed machinery.

Site network

Thanks to our site network an optimal coverage area is guaranteed at all times.

First hand

Several tasks involving your real estate, one reference person. Everything at first hand, that makes sense!

Use our service hotline free of charge for all your questions or other information regarding our services.

What you can do for us

We are there for you, if there’s a need for services regarding your real estate or commercial property, as mentioned above. Challenge us!

  • Winter services

    Ploughing, salting major areas, parking lots or sidewalks

  • Green maintenance

    Mowing and pruning

  • Open space maintenance

    Parking lot cleaning of commercial and industrial objects

  • Other services

    Trafic control systems, shelf maintenance

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